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SWERA is an innovative development model that works to empower underserved segments of society (local communities, women and young people) to become socially, politically and economically more competent to contribute in national development.


At SWERA, empowerment is not giving power, ability or resources to individuals that are in need; we take empowerment as vehicle, in fact helping a person or a group to realize and utilize the power they inherently have; we consider empowerment is helping persons or groups discover and build of their own human and physical asset.


People are empowered when they acknowledge that they have or can create choices in life, are aware of the implications of those choices, make an informed decision freely, take action based on that decision and accept responsibility for the consequences of those actions.


Empowering people means creating and supporting the enabling conditions under which people can act on their own behalf, and on their own terms, rather than at the direction of others.


These enabling conditions are :

i) An economic and social base

ii) Political will, adequate resource allocation and supportive legal and administrative frameworks

iii) A stable environment of equality, peace and democracy

iv) Access to knowledge, information and skills, and a positive value system


SWERA works to identify, develop and implement ideas addressing social, economic and civic challenges through innovative and viable models; SWERA adopts a holistic and integrated development approach to achieve its empowerment agenda primarily focusing on three major development areas:

1) Civic Engagement

2) Human Development

3) Economic Empowerment