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SWERA seeks partnerships and networking with national and international organizations to achieve common objectives, we develop long-term strategic partnerships with potential partners from development and corporate sector.


SWERA's areas of interest attract many national and international organizations, donors and development agencies of the sector to engage with us to serve local communities better through program partnership, technical assistance and capacity building activities, other areas of common interest may also be explored with mutual understanding.


Currently, SWERA, through its projects and programs, maintains strategic relationship with many national and international organizations, corporations, civil society and development agencies to further its development agenda.



- CodeBase Technologies

- Eman Financial Services



- Coalition of Concerned Citizens

- Coalition for International Criminal Court, Switzerland

- UNCAC Coalition, Berlin, Germany

- Stop TB Partnership, Geneva

- Children Rights Information Network, UK

- Cities for Mobility, Stuttgart, Germany

- United Cities and Local Governments-Asia Pacific, Indonesia

- World Association of Community Broadcasters (AMARC)

- Europe Community Media Forum, Netherlands


for further information, please write to our  Partnerships Coordinator at: partnership@swera.org.pk